About Me

How I work

I catch my motives with my camera, which I almost always have with me. I like to capture an expression, a mood, a particular light or a still life, which in itself tells a story. The motives contain the philisopy that drives me. I maintain and portray moods, such as the sweetness of looking into the eyes of an old woman. It will be a form of poetry. 


My style is New Realism and I strive for a motive with a technical challenge. The process of getting the motivation to "rise from the white canvas" to the finished image always drives me to carry on with new tasks. I work with watercolor, pencil, chalk, oil and acrylic. 

Work with me

If you are interested, I can offer a private weekend course in my own beautiful natural surroundings, by woods and beach.

Get in touch with me using my contact form to discuss rates, scheduling and more.

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